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Jack’s Camp


Located on the edge of Botswana’s Makgadikgadi Salt Pans, the remnants of an enormous super-lake that used to cover most of Southern Africa we find Jack’s Camp.

Jack’s Camp  is one of the most legendary and iconic camps in Southern Africa. Founded by explorer Jack Bousfield in the 1960s, the camp sits in a striking spot on the edge of Botswana’s Makgadikgadi Pans, gazing over glittering salt pans and shimmering expanses of sun-scorched earth. Jack Bousfield himself described the area as the “savage beauty of a forgotten Africa”, and truly, the Makgadikgadi is like nowhere on earth. It’s a landscape of space and remoteness, and the spectacular, otherworldly vistas, unique desert wildlife, and old-world glamour of Jack’s Camp all come together to create an experience that is unlike any other on the continent.

The brand-new Jack’s Camp pays homage to the property’s enduring and much-loved 1940s campaign style. The guest tents, seven twins and two doubles, are much larger than before. The iconic interiors remains but with the addition of intricate textiles from all over the world, Natural History Museum cabinets, and an overhead bed cooling systems. Ensuite bathrooms have both indoor and outdoor shower. Each veranda has a private plunge pool.

The new, larger mess tent house the renowned Natural History Museum, library, antique pool table and a well-stocked drinks chest. The iconic nomadic Persian tea is much larger and the shop was renovated and restocked with new treasures. A dedicated spa tent now attends to your every need.


Why we like it

Old world charm

The camp has one of the most comprehensive collections of ancient artefacts in Botswana

Panoramic vista of shimmering salt



Walking safaris with the San Bushman

Interact with the Meerkats of Meerkat Manor

Astronomy evenings

Quadbiking on the prehistoric salt pans