Terms & Conditions

Payment terms

  • When accepting our quote and on presentation of your invoice, we need full payment of all regional and international flights and a deposit of 30% on the balance to enable us to secure your accommodation.
  • The balance payment is due 8 weeks (60 days) before travelling start date.
  • Any bookings made within 8 weeks (60 days) prior to travel will be subject to payment in full on presentation of your invoice.
  • Payment options are credit card (PayGate) or telegraphic transfer/bank deposit
  • Higher deposits may be required in instances of specialist product &/or peak season travel.


Cancellation Policy

eyeseeAfrica offers all clients complimentary financial protection as we are  SATSA (South African Tourism Services Association) bonded. Your pre-travel deposits are therefore guaranteed.

eyeseeAfrica will make every effort to confirm your requested travel services upon receipt of your deposit payment. In the unlikely event of us being unable to confirm your requested travel services, you will be offered alternative available travel services. Should the alternative available travel services not be acceptable to you, we will provide a full refund, subject to the terms and conditions of the relevant suppliers. Eye See Africa will make every effort to avoid misquotation. However, we reserve the right to cancel a reservation without liability or penalty if an obvious error or omission leads to a material cost implication.

  • Cancellation prior to 8 weeks of travel: 10% Deposit non-refundable
  • Cancellation 8 – 4 weeks prior to travel – 40% of total cost is forfeited
  • Cancellation less than 4 weeks prior to travel – 100% of total cost is forfeited

No refunds will be given by eyeseeAfrica for no-shows.


Flight Rules

  • All airlines require the full names of passengers as stated in their passports.
  • After air tickets have been issued, any changes will be subject to the relevant Airline’s terms and conditions applicable to that fare type.
  • It is your responsibility to check and correct any errors in respect of your flight reservations which appear on the Customer Confirmation Form and Customer Booking Form. eyeseeAfrica accepts no liability for incorrect details provided by you.
  • Airfares are only guaranteed once final payment has been received and the air ticket has been issued. If any Airline levies additional or increased airport taxes and fuel charges at any stage prior to your flight, you agree that such an increase will be for your account and shall be payable to eyeseeAfrica or to the Airline if instructed to do so.
  • eyeseeAfrica do confirm flights before you travel but it is your responsibility to reconfirm all onward and return flights with the relevant airline at least 72 hours prior to your flight.
  • eyeseeAfrica cannot guarantee any airline seating or meal requests. However, eyeseeAfrica endeavour to assist you in this regard.
  • All your baggage and personal belongings are always at your responsibility. eyeseeafrica will not accept any liability for your misplaced baggage or any loss or damage to your baggage
    or personal effects.
  • Should you cancel your air ticket, the cancellation will be subject to the relevant Airline’s terms and conditions applicable to that fare type.
  • Should a refund be granted by the relevant Airline, it may be subject to a delay. eyeseeAfrica will only be obliged to refund any amounts once it receives them from the relevant airline.
  • Air tickets which are unused for more than 1 year from the date of their issue are considered as expired and must be submitted to the relevant airline for their authority to refund. eyeseeAfrica will make every effort to assist you in obtaining this refund but cannot provide you with any guarantees in this regard.
  • eyeseeAfrica will provide you with an e-ticket reference number together with a full itinerary, once the air ticket has been fully paid for.
  • In the event of a voluntary change, you will be responsible for the difference in all applicable fares and taxes.


Baggage Rules

  • You must ensure that you meet the baggage regulations of the airlines and charter companies that you will be using. eyeseeAfrica recommends that you seek the advice of our travel planners. However, you remain responsible for ensuring you meet the baggage regulations of each airline and charter company you travel with.
  • Light aircraft flights have extraordinary baggage regulations which include but are not limited to weight, structure and shape. eyeseeAfrica recommends that you seek the advice of our travel planners.
  • If you do not adhere to the relevant baggage regulations, the transfer of your baggage may be delayed and/or transferred at extra cost to you.



When traveling in certain parts of Africa you should avoid mosquito bites to prevent Malaria. You may need to take prescription medicine before, during, and after your trip to prevent Malaria. Talk to your doctor about how you can prevent malaria while traveling. For more information on malaria see HERE


Yellow Fever

Some Southern African countries require proof of vaccination against Yellow Fever. The requirements differ depending on your destination, which country you have travelled from as well as countries previously visited. Note that the yellow fever vaccination must be administered no later than 10 days before departure. It is imperative that you clarify the requirements for your journey before travel. Please consult the relevant embassy of your intended destination. Due to frequently the changing requirements, eyeseeAfrica can only give advice, and will not be held responsible for costs incurred if entry requirements and vaccination requirements are not met.


Inoculation, Immunisation and Medication

You must ensure that you meet the immunisation, inoculation and medication regulations of various African countries. eyeseeAfrica recommends you seek the advice of our travel planners. However, you remain ultimately responsible for ensuring you meet the immunisation, inoculation and medication regulations requirements of each African country your visit. It is your obligation to ensure that you are medically fit to travel.



You must ensure that you meet the necessary travel documentation, permit &/or visa regulations of the countries you intend entering, transiting or visiting. eyeseeAfrica will give advice and answer questions but it remains the responsibility of the clients to ensure that these regulations are met.

Please note that with immediate effect, anyone travelling to South Africa must have two consecutive blank VISA pages in their passport which lie side by side when the passport is open (i.e. a left and a right-hand page).

Passengers travelling to South Africa with passports which do not comply with these requirements, will either be stopped from boarding the aircraft or risk deportation on arrival in South Africa. In addition, a parent travelling with children, without the other parent, will need a letter of consent from the absent parent. The letter of consent must be certified by the police.

Furthermore, please note that passengers entering many African countries (including but not limited to South Africa, Botswana and Zambia) must have passports valid for at least 6 months after the travel entry date. A minimum of 12 months is however recommended. Failure to adhere to this regulation may result in immediate deportation to the country of origin at own cost to the client. Read more HERE.



Sufficient travel and medical insurance cover are essential during your holiday. Most importantly, cover against cancellation fees should be considered a must as you need to be protected against financial loss should you or your family members not be able to travel due to medical reasons. Medical and travel insurance are not included. eyeseeAfrica is bonded by SATSA and your pre-tour deposits are guaranteed. eyeseeAfrica must adhere to a strict Code of Conduct that guarantees high standards of service, good quality tourism services and product and a trustworthy accreditation with the association itself.


Confidentiality & Communication

eyeseeAfrica undertakes to take all reasonable and necessary steps to protect your personal information. You authorise eyeseeAfrica to electronically record and store the following information for the
purposes of communicating information requested by you and in order to provide you with access to restricted pages on the eyeseeAfrica website and related websites.

  1. Your full name and surnames.
  2. Your contact telephone numbers.
  3. Your electronic mail addresses.
  4. Your IP addresses.
  5. Your user selected username and password.
  6. Your non-personal browsing habits and click patterns.
  7. Your profile information.
  8. Your travel information.



All tours are booked and arrangements are made on the express condition that the Company and its employees and agents shall not be responsible for, and shall be exempt from, all liability in respect of loss, damage, accident, injury, death, delay or inconvenience to any Client (which shall be deemed to include the heirs, executors, administrators or assigns of the Client), their luggage, or other property, wherever, whenever and however the same may occur. The Client indemnifies and holds harmless the Company, its employees and agents accordingly. The Company, its employees and agents shall furthermore not be liable for any consequential loss or damages whatsoever. The Company provide Clients with travel and/or other services, either itself, or acting as agents for suppliers engaged in or associated with the travel industry, such as hotels, car hire companies, transfer companies, airlines etc. The Company accepts no liability for any loss, damage, injury or death which any client may suffer as a result of any alteration, act or omission on the part of or the failure of such suppliers to fulfill their obligations, whether in relation to travel arrangements, accommodation or otherwise. The contract in use by such suppliers shall constitute the sole contract between the supplier and the Client and any right of recourse the Client may have, will be solely against such supplier.