Chameleon Hill


The lodge is a celebration of the tranquillity, space, and light which flows throughout this incredibly vast area. Inspired by the geometry of the boulders on which it rests, Boulders Lodge is an inviting oasis where organic interiors integrate seamlessly with the raw African beauty outside.

This exclusive, colorful and vibrant lodge enjoys spectacular views across Lake Mutanda with the Virunga Volcanoes as a magnificent backdrop. The lodge offers a special blend of comfort and relaxation, where attention to detail and personalized service are paramount. As well as being the perfect base to visit the mountain gorillas, one can also enjoy a trip on the hand built boat available for excursions.

Each chalet flaunts its own identity and color scheme along with high quality, hand made furnishings that boast a unique Euro-African style.


Why we like it

We just love this colorful lodge on the hill

Owner run lodge with a feel of being at home with all the dogs and chickens

Magnificent views over Lake Mutanda

Each room is very private with your own veranda

Beautiful drive to Bwindi where you do Gorilla trekking



Boat rides Lake Mutanda

Gorilla trekking

Golden Monkey trekking

Motorbike scenic rides





Lake Mutanda, Uganda