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 Zarafa Camp Dhow Suite


Zarafa stands in a line of lush, riverine vegetation, which runs roughly north-west/south-east. In front of the camp, to the north and west, are the reed beds and waterways beside the permanent Zibalianja Lagoon.

Beyond these are tracts of savannah, where Zarafa conduct most of their activities. Travelers can therefor spot wild life easily in this open environment. Behind the camp, to the south and east, is a fairly solid belt of mopane woodlands.

Following the authentic safari style of Zarafa main camp, the new Dhow Suites are a stunning private villa with two adjoining master bedroom suites.

Zarafa means ‘the beloved one’ or ‘the lovely one’ in Arabic, and these two private villas on the banks of the Zibalianja Lagoon in Botswana are both beloved and lovely.


Why we like it

Ecologically diverse

Complimentary use of camera equipment

Swarovski telescope & binoculars



Game drives – Day and night

Bush walks

Mekoro trip