We seem to have entered the era of the solo traveler, especially the feMalé solo traveler. Over 60% of our travelers now travel solo. This increase is a reflection of a contingency of solo travelers.
Eye See Africa pay special attention to the needs of the solo traveler, assisting you to stay connected with friends and family while traveling, or negotiating on your behalf to get rid of the frustration of single supplements. Travelling to Africa may have challenges but this is why we provide you with 24 hour/ 7 days a week support, either by travelling with you or staying in contact with you by cell phone, social media or our local guides in the areas you visit. Considering that you are travelling solo, we will plan your trip to the last detail and ensure that for its duration and most importantly for your peace of mind, we will stay in contact with you.


As with all the itineraries on our website, we give just a few examples of what is possible. After establishing exactly what you want in the way of a vacation, we will plan your obligation-free itinerary, taking your budget and individual needs into consideration. You have only to contact us today to start planning your dream trip to Africa.