The LGBT community is far too large and diverse to successfully target a specific group of LGBT travelers with specific tours. At Eye See Africa we believe that LGBT travelers explore the world the same way anyone else does and enjoyment and ease of travel is really what is important. In South Africa gay marriage is constitutionally recognized and discrimination against the LGBT community is unlawful. All the lodges and hotels on our portfolio are totally gay friendly and we at Eye See Africa will ensure that your trip is, in every aspect, exactly the same as for any other client of Eye See Africa. We listen to you and will then plan your adventure following your tastes and your objectives. We will help you to discover wonderful places in Southern Africa with peace of mind that everything is taken care of.

Some ideas of adventures...

As with all the itineraries on our website, the following are just examples of what is possible. Once we know exactly what you would like in the way of a vacation, we will plan an obligation-free itinerary for you, taking your budget and individual needs into consideration. You have only to contact us today to start planning your dream adventure to Africa.