Eye Recommend: Bosman Family Vineyards

Since 1707, the Bosman family has believed in respecting the land and the people that farm it.

Found on a large farm outside Wellington, the rich history of Bosman Family Vineyards is a testament to the family’s commitment to people, the land, and of course, the art of wine-making.

Bosman wines

Lelienfontein, home of Bosman Family Vineyards was originally issued to French Huguenot Philip de Royan in 1699. The first generation of Bosman’s arrived on the farm in 1798 and have since played a central role in community development and social upliftment in the area, living by the motto on the family crest - ‘faith, hope and love.’

Bosman Cellar

In 2007, 8th generation Petrus Bosman, returned to the long-held family dream and released the first wines from their newly renovated 260-year-old cellar. Today, the descendants of Hermanus Bosman are proud custodians of both his land and his legacy, devoted to responsible, handcrafted winemaking with a strong emphasis on Fair Trade and were recently recognised for their ethical business practices, emerging as winners of the coveted ‘Ethical Company of the year’ award at the Drinks Business Green Awards in London.

This brings home the fact that the Bosman family is committed to more than just wine. The relationship between the family and their team is evident in the fact that many of the 260 full-time workers on the estate are 5th generation who have as deep a passion for winemaking as the Bosmans themselves, and are now co-owners of the 430ha of prime farming land.


Joining the strong family team is accomplished wine maker Corlea Fourie, who has added her craft and passion to further defining their success with her collection of beautiful wines and Method Cap Classique. A visit to the farm includes a cellar tour, the option of learning more about the vine nursery and a tasting of their range. Do enjoy a walk around the manicured lawns and remember to appreciate the added flavor that working with love and passion, has brought to this much loved brand.

Where: Bovlei Valley, Wellington

Lara’s Recommendation: Pinot Noir

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