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At Eye See Africa we are passionate about travel on the African continent, meeting interesting people and exploring interesting places, taking care of the environment, designing unique adventures and exploring new and cool experiences. We have selected all the best accommodation in the most interesting and beautiful areas of Southern and Eastern Africa as well as the Indian Ocean Islands, to ensure that your adventure will exceed your expectations of what is possible on a trip to Africa.
We believe that every person is unique and after hearing what you require, each itinerary is planned to be authentic and flexible, according to your interests and budget. All the trips and accommodation that we recommend have been experienced by us at first hand. Our guides are local and their training, field knowledge, their own exploration and personal interests make them ideal companions. Most importantly they know the local customs and offer thoughtful insights that will transform your understanding of your destination.
Every adventure with Eye See Africa includes that “unexpected extra’ which transforms your journey into an unforgettable, unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience. Eye See Africa’s commitment to you - this is what makes us special!

Our experts


Founder & Director

Cape Town - South Africa

"My travel dream is to photograph the Dinka in the South Of Sudan."

"My favourite African experience was my road trip from Namibia to the Serengeti and Ngorogoro crater."

About Me

Tertius was born in Namibia and spent most of his childhood on a farm in the Kalahari which borders Botswana. He has fond memories of growing up with the San people and spending most of his days in the bush with animals. He has travelled extensively all over the world but believes that everyone should at least visit Africa once as there is something special about Africa that touches the soul. He has an abiding passion for Africa and her wildlife and wants to share that with you.

Why I love Africa

First of all I love Africa because this is my continent. I was born here and I have lived here all my life. I love Africa because of its people, their determination and will to survive, their creativeness, their love for life, their music and dance, their laughter and their joy. I love Africa because of its contrasts; its huge red desert sands set against its green and humid jungles; its high mountains reaching into the blue skies towering over endless grassy plains.
Contact Tertius: tertius@eyeseeafrica.net



Cape Town - South Africa

"My travel dream is to Scuba dive with whale sharks in the Maldives!"

"My favourite African experience was my 5-day horseback safari in Botswana. An unforgettable experience."

About Me

Zephné grew up on an active, eco-friendly sheep farm under the beautiful skies of the vast and tranquil Karoo. From an early age her surroundings absorbed and enchanted her, and she subsequently decided to continue this enjoyment by making the travel industry her career. Consequently, she spent twelve years studying and working in various parts of the world, including U.K., U.S.A. and Mexico. In 2008 she returned to Africa, and has remained convinced that it is one of the most diverse and magnificent of continents, unrivalled for its unspoiled natural beauty, its abundant and accessible wildlife and a culture and people echoing the warmth and welcome of the African sun.

Zephne loves to tell the stories of Africa, and for those who want to experience it, she wants to make their African dream a reality.

Why I love Africa

I love Africa because of its offer of unique experiences, its contrast of bare beauty, silence and mystery with elite sophistication, colour, culture, romance and excitement.
I love Africa because of its openness to interpretation.

Contact Zephne: zephne@eyeseeafrica.net



Swakopmund - Namibia

"My travel dream is to visit the Dogon people in Mali."

"My favourite African experience is every camping trip I have made into the “Damaraland” area of Namibia. I can’t wait for the next one."

About Me

Born in Namibia, Christina grew up on a farm in the lowveld of South Africa, on the outskirts of the Kruger National Park. It is from this that her love for camping, outdoors hiking and exploring stemmed. While Christina loves exploring other beautiful places on our planet, for the last 20 years she has called Namibia home and lives in the beautiful town of Swakopmund on the edge of the Namib desert.

Why I love Africa

No other place on this planet can compare with the feeling of living on this continent. A visit to Africa must be experienced to fully understand and appreciate all that it is. The smell of rain on red earth…the warmth of the people…the exquisite scenery and wildlife … the sight of an African elephant. That feeling when you look up into the night sky and millions of stars glitters back at you …. the smell of an evening fire in a small village … the vast vistas filled with an energy that is almost tangible … the majestic baobab tree… Yes, I love every part of this continent. It is definitely home.
Contact Christine: christine@eyeseeafrica.net


Wine Tours/Sommelier

Cape Town - South Africa

“My wine dream is to visit Barolo & Tuscany and to taste the wines of the Gaja family with the man himself.”

“My favourite wine experience was sipping wine in the famous vineyards of Burgundy…”

About Me

Lara was born in Namibia but discovered her passion for wine in Stellenbosch as a student. She worked on numerous wine estates but settled for the world of wine retail. Here she learned everything about local and international wine brands. Today she is a sommelier and a wine consultant in restaurants.

Why I love wine

Decent quality wines have this crazy ability to transport you to the time and place they were made. Each wine variety is a small piece of the earth’s geology and biology.
To quote Maya from the movie SIDEWAYS..“I like to think about the life of wine. How it's a living thing. I like to think about what was going on the year the grapes were growing; how the sun was shining; if it rained. I like to think about all the people who tended and picked the grapes. And if it's an old wine, how many of them must be dead by now. I like how wine continues to evolve, like if I opened a bottle of wine today it would taste different than if I'd opened it on any other day, because a bottle of wine is actually alive. And it's constantly evolving and gaining complexity. That is, until it peaks…and then it begins its steady, inevitable decline.”
Contact Lara: lara@eyeseeafrica.net

Pascal Muggli

Representative Europe (Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Denmark)

Cape Town - South Africa

"Mein Reisetraum ist…Kein Haus und keine Wohnung – dafür aber ein Campervan mit Zelt und Bike. So kann ich aufbrechen, bleiben, weiterziehen; Aspekte von Natur und Kultur zu Fuss, per Bike oder per PW erkunden. Ein modernen Nomade quasi, back to basics, Freiheit leben, wann immer möglich; und hierbei verarbeiten und dokumentieren, in Bild und Wort, fotografieren und schreiben. Die Welt ist gross, mein Erkundungsdurst ebenso."

"Mein besonders eindrucksvolles Erlebnis in Afrika war … Ein Highlight war die Teilnahme an der Cape Argus Cycle Tour rund ums Kap. Die Stimmung ist einzigartig, die Strecke unglaublich schön. Ein weiteres bewegendes Erlebnis waren verschiedene Volunteer-Einsätze, etwa als Yoga Instructor im Gefängnis Pollsmoor (Seva Unite), wo Nelson Mandela einige Jahre seiner Haft absass oder als Fotograf und Music Coach bei The Underdog Project – eine tiergestützte Therapie für Kinder und Jugendliche schwieriger Hintergründe. Und dann waren da natürlich verschiedene Roadtrips an einzigartige Destinationen, wobei der Besuch des West Coast National Parks während der Blütezeit ein weiteres Highlight darstellt."

Zur Person

Pascal sieht sich als Glückspilz...Geboren und aufgewachsen in einem kleinen Kaff unweit der Stadt Zürich (Schweiz), war er schon immer angefressen vom Treiben fern der eigenen Landesgrenzen. So war es wenig überraschend, dass er sich an der Uni Zürich für ein Studium in Geographie mit Nebenfach in Politikwissenschaften entschied. Nach einem abschliessenden Kurs in Reisebranche an der Internationale Schule für Touristik IST arbeitete er sowohl im Tour Operating als auch an der Front in den Bereichen Sales & Operations sowie Product Management für namhafte Unternehmen wie Hotelplan Suisse MTCH AG, TUI Suisse Ltd und Travel Worldwide AG. Hierbei war er verantwortlich für die Destinationen Nordamerika (Alaska, USA, Kanada) sowie Ozeanien (Australien, Neuseeland, Südsee). Im Januar 2016 zog er nach Kapstadt, wo er unter anderem als City Expert für die Google Trips Travel App (Enveritas Group) tätig war. Des Weiteren liess er sich in The Mothercity zum Vinyasa Yoga Lehrer (The Shala) sowie Mountain Walking Guide (Venture Forth) ausbilden. Eine wichtige Komponente in seinem Leben ist die Musik (Gesang und Klavier), weshalb es nicht von ungefähr ist, dass er es 2014 bei The Voice of Switzerland zu den Battles schaffte. Er ist zur Zeit am Aufnehmen eines Albums in Kapstadt – Eye See Africa drückt ihm die Daumen! Es sind vor allem seine Faszination fürs Unbekannte, für Geschichten von Menschen mit Hintergründen verschiedenster Art sowie füs Fotografieren, welche ihn immer wieder zu neuen Abenteuern aufbrechen lassen.

Warum Ich Afrika So Mag

Als Outdoor- und Naturliebhaber verliebe ich mich bei jeder kleineren oder grösseren Erkundungstour immer wieder aufs Neue in Kapstadt, das Land Südafrika, den Kontinenten und die Welt. Irgendwie kriege ich die Elemente hier besser zu spüren, nehme sie mehr war; der Wind, wie er oft um die Häuser fegt; das Wasser, oft rauh und kalt; die Erde, selten feucht, meist trocken. Hinter einer solchen lebhaften Kulisse erlebe ich Kontraste aller Art; ein Schmelztiegel der Kulturen; mit Lebensweisen und Schicksalen, manchmal und für manchen kaum vorstellbar. Dann aber wieder Geschichten des Erfolgs, des Glücks, des Ausbruchs. Mein Aufenthalt hier regt mich zum Nachdenken an: was brauchen wir denn wirklich? Die Stadt und seine Umgebung liefern mir immer wieder Antworten, liessen mich umdenken, liessen mich bewusster durchs Leben ziehen. Dies ist ein Grund von vielen, warum ich Afrika so mag.
Contact Paco: paco@eyeseeafrica.net



Cape Town - South Africa

"My travel dream is to visit Machu Pichu!"

"My favourite African experience was a 5 day walking safari. We walked amongst the big five in the Northern Transvaal. An exhilarating and incredibly spiritual experience!"

About Me

Sue is a born and bred Capetonian. She has always been passionate about travelling and exploring other countries and cultures and spent 4 years backpacking around the globe before returning back to where her soul resides in beautiful Cape Town.

Why I love Africa

There is a tangible energy to Africa unlike any other place I have travelled to. We have everything you could possibly ask for, from exquisite scenery to the rich culture and down-to-earth people. You can walk in the desert, climb a mountain and swim in the ocean – all in one day! What more could you ask for.

Contact Sue: sue@eyeseeafrica.net



Cape Town - South Africa

"My travel dream is road tripping around Iceland in summer!"

"My favourite African experience was hot air ballooning in Namibia over Sossusvlei. Seeing wildlife and the desert that goes on for miles and miles, then dropping down for an amazing champagne breakfast in the sand dunes."

About Me

Esta-Marita Opperman was born in Pretoria and moved to a farming village on the border of the Kalahari desert, not far from Botswana at a young age. This is where her love for the African wilderness started. She grew up running barefoot around the farm, riding horses and playing in the maize heaps. After her schooling she made Cape Town her base from which to explore the world and travel Africa. Seeing Table Mountain through a plane’s window always brings a tear to her eye.

Why I love Africa

Africa is in my blood. The wild and diverse stories of the small towns and faraway places feeds my soul. I love Africa because of its raw beauty, its non-conforming passionate people and the perfect sunsets no matter where you are.
Contact Esta: esta@eyeseeafrica.net




York - United Kingdom

"My travel dream out of Africa is to hike the Inca trail. My African travel dream is a luxury camping trip in the Okavango."

"My favourite African experience is fishing on a river bank in the Selous Game Reserve with just hippos and crocs for company."

About Me

Born in Port Elizabeth in South Africa’s Eastern Cape, Melissa grew up playing bare foot on the banks of a river, across from salt pans that were home to thousands of flamingos. In her twenties she travelled to Europe before returning home via an overland truck travelling from Kenya to South Africa, camping her way through Tanzania, Zanzibar, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe. She continued to travel extensively and moved to the USA, before marrying a Brit, honeymooning in Tanzania and settling in York, UK with their two children. But her love for Africa continues. Melissa regularly visits family back in South Africa, introducing her children to the beauty of Africa on safaris and most recently a road trip through Namibia. While she may reside in England, Africa will always be her home.

Why I love Africa

Nothing in the world compares to sitting on an African plain at sunset, listening to the sounds of wildebeest and zebra calling gently, seeing the gorgeous colours, feeling the cool breeze on on your skin, smelling the earth and tasting an ice cold gin & tonic! Africa frees the soul with its huge skies, yet grounds you with a primal connection to a place that instinctively feels like home. Visiting Africa should be on everyone’s must do list. And once you see it, you’ll want to come back again and again.
Contact Melissa: melissa@eyeseeafrica.net


Representative - Central & South America

Cape Town - South Africa

"My travel dream is to climb Mount Kilimanjaro and see the Serengeti Plains from the top. This is a place that I first heard of when I was a young girl and my father would play "Toto’s Africa” with me.

"My favourite African experience was seeing my first African elephant in his natural habitat in the Kruger National Park in South Africa. That is the moment when my life went from black and white to colour."

About Me

My name is Paola Alejandra Arvizu Maya. I was born and raised in Mexico and since an early age I had the amazing opportunity to travel extensively. I am also a keen photographer and was introduced to photography by my grandfather at an early age. That is why I love being on the move and capturing new sights, flavours and people on my camera. I am always looking for the next adventure and my greatest desire in life is to be able to look back on my life and know that I did my best to make it a life worth living.

Why I love Africa

I am afraid there is not enough space on a page or a book to express the many reasons why I absolutely LOVE Africa. I believe the heart of the earth is in Africa. It is so vibrant and alive. The rhythm comes from within. The landscape, the wildlife, the uncharted territories and the people. Africa is a place where your heart can’t help but fully open and remain that way. It is unique in the adventures it offers and there is something for everyone. Once you have touched African soil it stays with you for the rest of your life.

Contact Alejandra: alejandra@eyeseeafrica.net

Janine Lewerenz

German Consultant

Cape Town - South Africa

"Mein Reisetraum ist… für einige Zeit im Moholoholo Wildlife Rehbilitation Centre in Südafrika hilfsbedürftigen Wildtieren die Pflege zukommen zu lassen, die sie benötigen, um wieder in die freie Wildbahn entlassen werden zu können."

"Mein besonders eindrucksvolles Erlebnis in Afrika war … als ich mit den Pinguinen auf Robben Island arbeiten durfte – drei Viertel der Insel sind unberührtes Naturschutzgebiet und für Touristen nicht zugänglich. Hier arbeitet das Marine Research Insitute der Universität Kapstadt gemeinsam mit der Vorgelschutzorganisation SANCOB daran, in Zukunft Seevögel aller Art noch besser schützen zu können."

Zur Person

In Berlin geboren und eigentlich Großstadtmensch, habe ich mich im Jahr 2001 nach dem Studium zu einem Pinguin-Schutzprojekt nach Robben Island begeben – und bin Südafrika seitdem treu geblieben. Nach anfänglichem Pendeln zwischen der Nord- und Südhalbkugel, habe ich vor Jahren meinen Hauptwohnsitz in das aufregende und multikulturelle Kapstadt verlegt. Eine Entscheidung, die ich bislang keine Sekunde bereut habe!

Warum Ich Afrika So Mag

In Südafrika hat jeder die Möglichkeit, seinen Alltag nach eigener Fasson zu gestalten – ohne gut gemeinte, doch unerwünschte Ratschläge Dritter... Abgesehen von dieser Freiheit, bietet der gesamte Kontinent eine einzigartige Kombination aus verschiedenen Lebensstilen, traumhafter Wildnis und einer ganz ursprünglichen Atmosphäre: von der Businessmetropole Johannesburgs über malerische Küstenstädte wie dem namibianischen Walvis Bay bis hin zu den Weiten des Okawango-Deltas in Botswana. In Afrika findet jeder das, wonach er sich sehnt!
Contact Janine: info@eyeseeafrica.net


German Consultant - Cape Town

Cape Town - South Africa

"Meine Reise Traum ist… an einer Wanderung mit Widtierbeobachtung teilzunehmen."

"Mein Lieblingserlebnis in Afrika: Meine ganze Kindheit war von wunderschönen "Afrika Erlebnissen" geprägt. Mit meiner Familie bin ich viel durch Südafrika, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe und Mosambiek gereist. Mein Highlight dabei war eine Bootstour auf dem Chobe Fluss."

Zur Person

Carla ist in Somerset West geboren und aufgewachsen, was zwischen den schönen Hottentots Holland Bergen und der False Bay Küste liegt. Von 2011 bis 2017 ist sie zwischen London, Stuttgart und Südafrika hin und her gependelt und im September 2017 hat sie die Entscheidung getroffen, zurück in ihre Heimat zu kehren, was sie für keinen Moment bereuet hat. Während ihrer Zeit in Europa hat sie viel gelernt, aber auch wie einzigartig und besonders ein Kontinent wie Afrika ist. Afrika ist ihr zu Hause und jeder der einmal nach Afrika reist, wird das gleiche Gefühl erleben.

Warum ich Afrika so Mag

Als Outdoor- und Naturliebhaber verliebe ich mich bei jeder kleineren oder grösseren Erkundungstour immer wieder aufs Neue in Kapstadt, das Land Südafrika, den Kontinenten und die Welt. Irgendwie kriege ich die Elemente hier besser zu spüren, nehme sie mehr war; der Wind, wie er oft um die Häuser fegt; das Wasser, oft rauh und kalt; die Erde, selten feucht, meist trocken. Hinter einer solchen lebhaften Kulisse erlebe ich Kontraste aller Art; ein Schmelztiegel der Kulturen; mit Lebensweisen und Schicksalen, manchmal und für manchen kaum vorstellbar. Dann aber wieder Geschichten des Erfolgs, des Glücks, des Ausbruchs. Mein Aufenthalt hier regt mich zum Nachdenken an: was brauchen wir denn wirklich? Die Stadt und seine Umgebung liefern mir immer wieder Antworten, liessen mich umdenken, liessen mich bewusster durchs Leben ziehen. Dies ist ein Grund von vielen, warum ich Afrika so mag.